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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Selction of Course,Institute,City and Country (CICC)

After a short time break i m back. From last post your are  clear about your Aim for  Study Abroad.  Now its upon you that what way you like to Move foreign.

If its known to you about your aim and region where you want to go then select city and see their Economical situation,  Pros and corns  of the city for you, wage per hour work  in the city where you want to move   if your vision is job or work for money Or if your vision is to study, then first you see recognized institute/ Universities of the country where your interest is and after selecting University according to your desire program check ranking.

Some people take tension of Ranking and some are worried about the course but i m opinion don't worry about that matter just get admission in your desire course  in your budget. After selecting Course, Institute, City, Country check about the situation of Living in the new city and get in touch with  your old friends and family which has already lived in the city/country where you will move in near future.

when your living problem become handle then think about your flight that when you need to move from your home land in your budget. i suggest just move 2  or 4 week before your session  because you are new there so its better to understand the  every thing which is necessary for you .

now it turn to end after that i will post some necessary step for admission and much more for your information which helps you in future.....

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Move According to Wish and Budget

I m happy again for writing about study abroad. To continue the above topic when you will clear about your reasons that WHY YOU WANT TO MIOVE TO A FOERIGN COUNTRY.

When you are clear that your wish is to study abroad then your first step is to choose degree level and course. When you are clear about you level of study and course of study then search on Study abroad  about which country is best for you according to your course and level.

Some universities having high tuition fees and some have a little amount of money for study. So your second step is to check universities according to your budget and arrange your university under your budget. Some universities in EU are Totally free and some   charge very high.

After selecting your level, course and university then its also clear to you that where you will move to study then your next step is to check entry requirement for starting a degree from that university and mode of instruction because every country teach in their native language but international universities and for International students English is a language which cover this hurdle.

If your wish to move for business then your first step is to check relevant market for your product and business. When its clear upon you that your destination country is one of the most popular business country relevant to your product then its easy to you that how to entry in this country where you want to open a business,

If your wish to work during study and study is second priority near you then you need to work hard to decide where to go. Because some countries allow work during studies and time allow to work depend on level of degree and majority countries allow 20 hours per week. Again it’s also depend upon your budget that where you will move toward there in future.

If your budgets are low then UK is best option to go but UKBA not allow students to work during study because a lot of criminal happens and they check before to move that you have money to study and maintain yourself there. But some reputated college and universities and government charter college allow their student to work on 20 hours per week.

Now you have a little budget to move then make a good decision by view which country is good for you point of view (for work) such as majority people go to UK because there are a lot of college with low tuition fee and low expense. Now you have a little more budget for moving purpose but your Aim is to work and work then you will move to Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, United States. You will get Immigration after your study and situation is much better from UK in this days.

steady abroad Reason why to move abroad

I m happy to write over it. As I m a Pakistani and I write on it so first of all if you want to study abroad (outside from Pakistan) for Bachelors (B Sc) or Masters (MS) in any country. You first look on what u will do there and your reason of moving abroad.

Reason of moving

First of all you will decide to why you will move. Analyses yourself   for why you want to move? And if you are clear about your moving reason then workout on it how to move and which country is best for you in viewing of your Aim.

Some people move for immigration and business tours and some wishes to move for traveling and enjoying tours to different countries or regions.

Every person have some reason to move, such as some people move to study and complete their study and return back to their country and server in their homeland but majority of people move to settle themselves in foreign countries for ever and not happy to move back(majority).

If your reason is to study abroad in good and repudiated universities then Canadian and European universities are popular for engineering point of view. For Doctors some EU countries are at top of the list. American universities are also at good rank and having good output from research.

For engineering point of view for BS and MS level, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Canada have a good name. Now a day China, Korea and Japan are also working on this field.

For Medical field Again Germany is a good name and United State and CANADA are also met the Standards for Medical Industry.

There are a lot of other fields which are part of our society will be study in all over the word. Such as Hospitality, Hotel Management, Sheaf, Barber, technical and Computer relating fields.

If you are clear about why you want to move from here to abroad then you will decide what u do and how to do some  steps for achieving your goal.

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